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Lirik lagu Terbaru

Shae – Seperti Magic

Shae Seperti Magic Chord [Intro] F C F C F aku masih sayang kamu Dm aku masih cinta kamu Gm setega itukah A# kau meninggalkanku F hancur hatiku F aku masih sayang kamu Dm aku masih cinta kamu Gm apakah kau tahu A# ku hancur karenamu F sakit hatiku F …

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Zayn – Like I Would

Capo di fret 1 AmHey what’s up, it’s been a whileCTalking ’bout it’s not my styleGThought I’d see what’s upGWhile I’m lighting up          FIt’s cold-hearted     Emcold-heartedAmKnow it’s late but I’m so wiredCSaw your face and got inspiredGCause you let it go,Gnow you’re good to go  …

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Zayn Malik – I Won’t Mind

Capo di fret 3 D Don’t look around cause love is blind            A         EAnd darling right now I can’t see youD                                 A I’m feeling proud so without a doubtEI …

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Zayn – Pillowtalk

Capo di fret 4 [Intro] C  D  C  D G CClimb on boardEm                DWe’ll go slow and high tempoCLight and darkEm               DHold me hard and mellow                CI’m seeing the pain, …

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Zayn – iT’s YoU

[Intro] A Dm A E A             Dm She got, she got, she got        A                      EHer own reasons for talking to meA               Dm She don’t, she don’t, she don’t  …

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Nella Kharisma – Cie Cie

(Intro) Am..           Am  G  Dm  Am           Am C Dm Am       Amaku jalan sama dia                       Gdibilangin sama temen.. cie cie..       Dmaku telpon sama dia          …

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